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Product of UP Architecture and UP Urban Planning

Armando Nicoleta Allí (pronounced al - yeeh) is a product of the University of the Philippines College of Architecture (1982) and of the University of the Philippines School of Urban and Regional Planning (1994).

About Armando Allí


40+ Years of Practice

He has had over 40 years of progressively responsible/ diversified professional experience in the practices of the environmental planning, and of the architectural and allied design professions, particularly in the areas of site-physical-urban planning, comprehensive land-water-air-subsurfaces use planning (CLWASUP), tourism and transportation facility planning, sustainable environmental design, development control (DC) formulation, general architectural practice (pre-design through construction supervision) and involvement as part of transaction advisory (TA) teams for national and local public-private partnership (PPP) programs encompassing transportation, secure and academic systems-facilities-services, land reclamation, etc.


Over the last fourteen (14) years, he also focused on the project and/or design management of contracted professional consulting services for a number of Philippine (PH)-registered and international consulting firms. Arch./ EnP Alli is the 2018 PH Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Outstanding Professional (OP) in the Field of Environmental Planning (EP).


Chairman 2006 - 2012

From 16 November 2006 through 15 November 2012 (6 years & 1 week), Architect-Environmental Planner (Arch./ EnP) Alli served as the Acting (de facto) Chair of the Philippine (PH) Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture (PRBoA) of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). He is a PH Government- accredited professional in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for the construction (and consulting service) industries i.e. a construction arbitrator and mediator.


Over the period 2007 through 2016, he also periodically served as an external consultant to the Offices of 2 PH Senators. From early 2002 through March 2016 (14 years), he has co-represented PH Architects in the Board of Consultants (BoC) of the PH Government’s main infrastructure agency (the DPWH) and was instrumental in the extensive and proactive revision of the architectural cum physical planning sections of the 2004 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of P.D. No. 1096, otherwise known as the 1977 National Building Code of the Philippines (NBCP).


From March 2016 through August 2017, he served as a member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the National Building Code Review Committee (NBCRC) under the Office of the DPWH Secretary. Presently, he serves as an on-call NBCP resource person for DPWH seminar-workshops nationwide and also for the DILG Local Government Academy (LGA) on sustainable planning instruction to LGUs.



1989 to date

In private individual practice from 1989 to date, Arch./ EnP Alli also acts as an external architectural and physical planning consultant for several local and international consulting offices and for some local property development firms. He is (or was) an active member of several professional and civic organizations such as the UAP, PIA, PIEP, SPAC, COFILCO, JCI, and RI. From 2004-05, he was very active in the dissemination of information and interpretations relating to R.A. No. 9184, the Government Procurement Reform Act (GPRA), an effort under the Confederation of Filipino Consulting Organizations (COFILCO), the NEDA-recognized umbrella organization of PH consultants.


In early 2017, he was conferred the status of Fellow of the PH Institute of Environmental Planners (PIEP, the same organization that nominated him thrice for the PRC Most Outstanding Environmental Planner of the Year Award), which he received in June 2018. He is an honorary fellow of the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA), the nearly 100-year old association of PH registered architects. In 2008, Arch./ EnP Alli was registered as a PH Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Architect. In 2002, he became a Fellow of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and also became a founding Trustee of the Architecture Advocacy International Foundation (AAIF), the latter being an association that took a very active part in State policy formulation, particularly in shaping the present PH architecture law and regulations, and in helping realize, disseminate and interpret the long-overdue changes to both the IRR of the National Building Code of the Philippines (NBCP) and the law itself.

Over the last decade, Arch./ EnP Alli has conducted public and private seminar-workshops on national and local development control regulations (DCRs), chiefly on land use and zoning, on physical planning and building regulations and on sustainable environmental design (with many of the materials already made freely available at AAIF social media sites*). Professionally (over the last 15 years), he has also actively assisted large LGUs in the preparation of their land-water-air-subsurface use plans, and in the crafting of their zoning ordinances (ZOs) and other development-related special ordinances (SOs).


Transportation Facility & Infrastructure Planning


Conceptual Master Development Planning (CMDP)


Conceptual Land Use Planning (CoLUP)


Formulation of Development Control Regulations (DCR), including the crafting of legislative bills, zoning ordinances (ZOs), special ordinances (SOs), and physical planning and building regulations


Concept-level Architecture for Building & Grounds Design, including Housing & Resettlement


Architectural Design Review for Building Code Compliances


Architectural & Engineering Design Management, including the preparation or review of Technical Specifications


Construction Arbitration and Mediation


Project Management (PM) of Contracted Consulting Services


General Professional Consulting Services

Preparation of Property Development Briefs (PDBs)

The Correct Sequential Application of Comparative International, National & Local Development Controls (DCs)


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Arch. Allí has a number of advocacies.


Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture (16 Nov 2006 – 23 Nov 2012) or the PRBoA ’06-‘12 Resource Center

NCCA NBCP: Illustrated Project Website

DPWH NBCP: Illustrated Project website at link

2008-2010 PRBoA Archive Files (Views and Downloads)

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2006-12 PRBoA

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NBCP 2004 Revised IRR 2015 Interpretations

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NBCP-related Laws/ Regulations

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2015 DPWH Design Codes/ Guidelines at

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For consultations, planning projects, architectural design reviews

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